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I met Tessa while training with a Fleet Feet group for a Rock and Roll Half a few years ago, and when I decided I was ready to run my first marathon she was the first person I contacted. Beyond developing a training plan, she provided a sense of accountability, support, and encouragement to help me stick to the long marathon training program. She was always available as a sounding board for all of my questions. I suffered from a few injuries during training, and without her steady hand to guide me through them I doubt I would have made it to the starting line. In the end, I finished my marathon with a time faster than the goal I had set. I'm planning to work with her again to train for the 2023 NYC Marathon.

Phillip Paradise


"I've been a runner for as long as I can remember, but was never able to stay injury free long enough to complete a marathon. After moving to Savannah, I started running with the Fleet Feet Running Club and met Tessa. She is one of the most welcoming, positive, and motivating people I have ever met. When I decided to try and tackle the marathon once again, I reached out to her for a customized training plan and it was the best decision I ever made!! She provided the plan with goal times for each workout and adjusted the plan if I ever felt an injury coming on, allowing me to still complete all of my long runs without skipping a beat! She was always reachable by text throughout the training for any questions, and was the best cheerleader! I finally completed my first marathon and felt very strong while finishing under my goal time! I highly recommend hiring Tessa as a running coach to help you reach your running goals!!

Lauren Bamford


"Tessa is the amazing genius behind every step that I take towards my goals. I came to her with a desire to cross something huge off my bucketlist and was greeted with the most enthusiastic response. She has the encouraging words I need when I’m down, as well as the kick in the butt when I need to suck it up and get moving. If you have ANY running goals, Tessa and the amazing Craving Pavement community that she has created are exactly where you need to be!"

Sarah Pinson


"I am not a first time runner so I knew the basics of what I was doing, but I had a goal race and a lot of other commitments to work around. I wanted help figuring out how to “do it all” and not get hurt along the way. Tessa took my very long list of things that would make this training cycle a challenge and made it in to one cohesive training plan picture that was manageable and would get me where I needed to be. She helped me earn a 16 min PR in the marathon! I’m so glad that I reach out for help! I could not have put these puzzle pieces together myself. I’m so grateful for her expertise, time and energy."

Sarah Underwood


“My wonderful running coach,Tessa Jones, challenged me to a 27 minute 5k this morning. You know I’m always up for a challenge!! I’m so thankful for her and Craving Pavement for helping me keep my sanity and pushing me to new limits!”

Mikayla Kinsey


"I had signed up to run the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k in Richmond, VA. I had a goal to achieve a PR of a sub-50:00 minute 10k. The race was scheduled to have taken place this Saturday, but has now been postponed to September.
Regardless, I was ready and the weather was perfect this morning - #10kAnyWay. I went out and crushed my goal with a 48:29 10k (it's on Strava, so it's official). I couldn't be more happy. 
I wanted to give a big thank you to Tessa Jones and Craving Pavement for the guidance, the motivation, and holding me accountable to my goals. THANK YOU!”

Jon Wills

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"Giving credit where it is due.  I would like to give a huge Thank You to Tessa Jones, certified running coach.  Her plan for me enabled me to have a successful and enjoyable half marathon.  Her plan for me was spot on!  She gave me challenging, achievable goals and paces throughout the 14 week training period.  I finished the run 20 seconds per mile faster than my goal pace!  Kudos to Tessa and her running group!  Thank you for helping me find the joy in accomplishment again! If anyone is considering training for a run (any distance) please consider enlisting Tessa's expertise to help you achieve any goal you have in mind! You won't be sorry!"

Shelly Tucker


"Today I hit my goal.  I wanted 10 minute miles and I even exceeded that a bit.  After injury and dealing with asthma, now I'm finally on my way to reaching goals!"

Suzanne McCurdy


"It's plain and simple: Tessa Jones helped me cross the finish line. What wasn't plain and simple? Tessa's dedication to getting me there. I came to Tessa at the start of what felt like a mammoth journey. I was overweight, depressed, and fighting to get through the day-to-day. Setting a goal, I signed up to run the 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon with my mum, who lives in England. Although I had my mum in the UK, I was training in the US and needed to find a support network. Enter Tessa Jones and Sarah Underwood, two amazing women and role models. Tessa created a personalized plan which took me from 5k all the way to marathon day. I'm wasn't a runner and struggled with several setbacks along the way, but Tessa made sure I stayed the course. The never-wavering support honestly astounded me. Tessa is so attentive and truly cares about helping others succeed. She stayed in contact with me throughout the training, and when I was down and wanting to hide, she was the person who kept me motivated and snapped me out of it. If you want to know the type of person Tessa is, here are my favorite two memories: When my mum thought she might not be able to participate due to injury - Tessa was already planning a way to sign up and run with me. Although it never came to that - she was ready. Then on marathon day, I reached the finish line to see several calls and text from Tessa. She had been watching me the whole way, waiting to be the first to congratulate me! I would not have accomplished my goal without her: FACT! I can't say it enough but thank you, Tessa, thank you for everything!"

Kirsty Hastings-Jones

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My number one priority at Craving Pavement is YOU, the athlete.  I want to ensure that I have provided you with all the necessary tools needed to achieve your personal goals.  Please let me know about your experience; it was an honor to work with each of you!

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